Nada – Auricular Acupuncture

Help For People In Difficult Times

A discrete, calming and effective way for phobias, addictions (drugs & smoking),
mental health and behavioral issiues, plus the emotional effects arising
from traumatic events.

What is NADA?
NADA is a National Acupuncture Detoxification Association that aims
to provide an effective, acupuncture-based treatment plan for people
in difficult times. NADA was founded 1985 in New York. Up until the
present time, no other practitioner or similar association exist s in Spain.

The NADA Five Point Acupuncture Protocol is a standard, non diagnostic
treatment for substance misuse and stress reduction. The treatment assists
the withdrawal and detoxification process from toxic substances including
drugs, alcohol and tobacco. These symptoms may include headaches, body
aches, sweating, sleep disturbances, tremors, anxiety, anger and depression.
Regular treatments can help to stabalise individuals physically and emotionally,
increasing mental clarity and the ability to focus. It is a quiet, non verbal,
relaxing treatment, stimulating the body to heal itself, and assists in rebuilding
the physical and emotional self.

NADA wants to help people:

  • who want to quit smoking
  • overcome problems with the misuse of alcohol, drugs and prescription
  • who are suffering medication
  • suffering from stress
  • overcome traumatic experiences
  • acutely or chronically affected by working enviroment and burnout symptoms
  • symptoms of hyperactivity

The “Nada Protocol” delivers a clever combination of conventional and alternative
therapy with the repeated application of ear acupuncture in a special controlled setting:

  • 5 points acupuncture on both ears
  • lasting up to 45 minutes
  • the frequency of treatments by case depends on the goal and possibilities of the patient
  • is on a individual basis or indeed part of a group setting
  • following the treatment, a detoxing tea (hops, chamomile,nettle, yarrow) will be offered

NADA Acupuncture is a highly sucessfull and well regarded therapy without, to date any contra-indication.

The positive effects following a treatment of ear acupuncture according to the NADA protocol can be felt almost instantly.

Ear acupuncture works
independently of „drug-substance” in addictions with nicotine, alcohol,
heroin, cocaine, “crack”, amphetamines, cannabis, methadone, medications
or combinations of addictive substances and helps significant on the
symptoms of withdrawal.

The NADA protocol has been shown to help clients with the following:

  • Promoting the detoxing process
  • Reduction of craving for for the substance including prescription drugs
  • Stabilizing mental and physical functions
  • A ‘clearer mind’ which promotes receptive rational thinking
  • Induces open-mindness and the will for change
  • Reducing levels of stress and inner anxiety
  • Helping clients to stay “dry” or „clean” – preventing relapses
  • Relieves the physical and mental withdrawal pain
  • Regenerating the natural sleep rhythm
  • Improves concentration
  • Improvement of health problems which often accompany long term
  • alcohol and drug misuse
  • Marked relaxation, a feeling of well being

Stressed children out of these associated families and those with ADD / ADHD
have particularly benefit from the use of acupressure patches with magnetic beads
placed on the ear.

The “Nada Protocol” involves placing disposable acupuncture needles into five
auricular acupuncture points in the ear as stipulated by the National Acupuncture
Detoxification Association USA, (NADA-US), and NADA-UK, for use within substance
misuse and community treatment settings.

The NADA protocol is not a stand-alone treatment. It works best when used in
combination within a comprehensive treatment programme that offers other therapeutic
elements such as counseling, education, family involvement, peer/community support
groups and supportive medical healthcare.

Recipients sit alone or quietly in a non verbal group setting for up to 45 minutes,
relaxing or meditating. The combined application of the NADA protocol in substance
misuse settings providing counselling support, education, peer group, and self help
support systems, enhance the opportunities for success in the various stages of
detoxification, relapse avoidance and long term recovery.

The combination of 5 points (needled on both ears) and the unique treatment setting
was then developed at Lincoln State Hospital (Bronx, N.Y.C.) (Dr. Michael O. Smith
and co-workers). The novel treatment style has established itself as the
„NADA Protocol“, proving itself to be simple, harmless and effective.

The Five Ear Points:

  • Sympathetic-Vegetative – calms the nervous system and helps with overall relaxation.
  • Shen Men / “Spirit Gate” – clears the mind, reduces anxiety and nervousness.
  • Kidney Point – detoxification, for calming fears, regeneration of exhaustion and willpower.
  • Liver Point – detoxification, blood purification, reduces inner tension & aggression.
  • Lung Point – detoxification, promotes free breathing and helps to let go of grief.

NADA the Story

In 1973 Dr. H. L. Wen – a neurosurgeon in Hong Kong – observed that electrical
stimulation of auricular acupuncture points used for analgesic effect also alleviated
the withdrawal symptoms of opium addiction in one of his patients. He tested this
technique on other patients and it continued to be effective. In 1974, physiciatrist
Dr. Michael Smith, already involved with a methadone maintenance program for
addicts at Lincoln Memorial Hospital – a city facility in the South Bronx area of
New York City -became aware of Dr. Wen’s findings.

In 1988 John Tindall introduced the NADA protocol to the UK, having trained with
NADA Founder Dr Mike Smith in 1987 at both the Lincoln Clinic in the South Bronx,
New York and Sioux Indian Reservation in South Dakota.

Worldwide the NADA treatment model follows the NADA U.S. five-point training
protocol, developed at the Lincoln Memorial Hospital, Lincoln Recovery Centre
in New York. Acupuncture is an ancient Chinese medical procedure consisting of
inserting fine, solid needles into specific points on the body in order to stimulate
the body’s natural tendency to resist or overcome ailments.

NADA in New York
In the aftermath of 9/11, the NADA protocol was used by St. Vincent’s Hospital in
Manhattan as therapy for relieving emergency relief workers from insomnia and
post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). For months, NADA was offered 24 hours
a day on location at Ground Zero. Since 9/11 the use of the NADA protocol has
been expanded to help treat recovery workers in disaster settings including
New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina; the aftermath of the tornado which struck
Joplin in Missouri; and the devastating San Diego wildfires.

The NADA protocol has also been a helpful component of the treatment
concept in German hospitals, addiction counseling centers, outpatient
clinics and medical clinics for many years. Beginning in 1991 Germany
saw the opening of a specialised hospital in Bokholt (near Hamburg),
which successfully treated adult and juvenile drug addicts with acupuncture.
These positive results led to the founding of the German NADA in 1993.

The NADA protocol is therefore used in multitude of diverse areas:
Psychiatric hospitals, addiction clinics, rehabilitation clinics, outpatient for
continuous stabilization and relapse prevention, alcohol outpatient clinics,
psychosomatic medicine, child and adolescent psychiatry, day hospitals,
prisons, drug counseling centers, street projects, schools, educational
counseling centers, public health offices, smoking cessation, doctors’
practices and in companies.